Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

The Rubbish

Luckily I’ve played an Alchemy style game before or I would have been totally confused by this application. There’s a big empty area on the left and 4 elements on the right. You can drag an element out of the right and if you combine two correctly (simply place on top of one another) a new item will appear. With a trackpad on a laptop this is a very frustrating UI (not that I can really think of a better way!)

The images are a little odd, and I’m not sure why plant + fire = tobacco either. It could really do with an introduction, some kind of in game hints, and, of course, a store logo! Impressively, it does continue to function in Snapped mode!

Failure Reasons

  • No app icon

Store Details

Games / Puzzle
Age rating: 3+
Developer: Recloak


Simple yet addictive game.

Start with four basic elements. Then mix and match them to create more and more awesome things.

Combine the elements by simply dragging and dropping one on the other to make something new. See how many elements you can come up with.


None listed



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