Swagatam Mukherjee – Conversionist!

We’ve already met this developer, for his tapping game which I couldn’t make do anything! Back then it didn’t occur to me to check what other exciting offerings a developer might have. It would seem Swagatam likes numbers, and converting them! As long as you only want to do one conversion at a time, and only in one direction…

Please take a moment to marvel at those icons and imagine how glorious they will look on the start screen of your fancy new Surface. I should really learn to make my icons in MSPaint it clearly allows you to bypass most of the review process!

In amongst those apps you’ll notice that there’s 2 hex to decimal converters – yay for more cloning. The Multiplication Tables for Kids managed to have a store logo, but no actual app logo once installed!

None of these apps worked in snapped mode, or portrait. They all only convert in one direction and do simple maths which you could use a calculator (or even your own brain!) to do. The layout of items on the screen wasn’t well thought out, and once an onscreen keyboard was visible many of the buttons became untouchable.

A number of the apps are aimed at children. I can’t imagine many children sitting and learning their numbers or timestables whilst looking at such a dull screen!

Surely the better approach would be to create a single “Popular Conversions” app which has the ability to do all of these, and even in reverse. Maybe even with an icon I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have on my start screen. That could be a useful app, one people might use more than once. I might even write to the developer now and suggest that!


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