Clarifying “Rubbish”

Well hello there everybody! My stats have gone totally crazy! Apparently there are a lot of you out there now reading this! Wow!

I feel like I should just clarify something. The apps I’m highlighting aren’t just apps I feel shouldn’t be in the store due to having limited functionality, terrible UI, icons drawn in MSPaint. The reason I’m naming and shaming these apps is because they should have failed.

Microsoft has strict guidelines for store submissions. They even have a very thorough review process from what we’ve seen with our apps. They spend time checking things, making sure everything is good, and that they will not crash. At least, they did with us, and many others we’ve spoken to who have been frustrated by the difficulties of getting approved.

Yet here are all these apps which managed to get into the store with no icon, without a functional snapped mode, without a privacy policy, with crashes which appear within moments of testing. These apps should NOT have been approved because they don’t obey the rules!

How do some developers bypass these rules? Why are some people allowed to submit broken rubbish whilst others fight to get awesome apps into the store because of minor issues? How do the awesome apps get seen when lost amongst all of these?

I will keep posting the rubbish in the hopes someone at Microsoft reads this blog and does something about it!

In good news, both Pavan and Kusuma appear to have taken down most of their apps. They did both apologise and say they would so I’m pleased to see they’ve followed through. There is still hope… if I can just contact every developer and get them to see sense!


One thought on “Clarifying “Rubbish”

  1. I’ve actually started well… basically the same style blog as you, over at – I hadn’t actually seen yours before yesterday.

    This post in particular might interest you

    If you want to get your hands on the automated data and/or the app I wrote to get the data, shoot me an email (it should be associated with the comment). That might actually help you get in contact with as many developers as possible đŸ˜‰

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