Interesting Developments

Last night this blog got noticed by people in America – my stats got rather exciting looking!

Then, at 6:05am I received 2 emails. Yes, at exactly the same moment. From Pavan and Kusuma. Both would now like to retract their previous comments about Pooja and would like it known that she’s great, and very supportive, and didn’t tell them to submit the same app over and over. It was all just a misunderstanding. Apparently.

Interestingly, Pavan’s looked like a forwarded message, by the interesting indentation and markings.

I’m sure it’s purely coincidental that the moment this blog gets found by someone in the US, both Indian’s who’ve blamed someone at Microsoft simultaneously change their minds.

I never heard back from Nikhila after the message stating “I was told to do so. I know this serves no purpose.”, but I doubt he would name Pooja now.

Amar, on the other hand, has been rather more defensive about the whole thing. He appears to be part of the Microsoft Student Program, and rather than apologise as the others have, his response was “I do knew that am using sample codes. But almost every people are doing the same…” Obviously just following the crowd… except that most people have at least tried to make the games their own.
Regarding submitting multiple times – “by the time I finish my application there wont be any cool names available. So I just did that to reserve cool names.” I look forward to seeing how he uses 8 Balls, Crash Ball, Maze Ball, Hop Ball, Ball Balance and Dragon Balls for these new games he’s working on! Interestingly, he was also the first to ask who I am!

I have at least one more developer I’d like to talk to about pointless app cloning, although I suspect the responses will be more guarded from here on out. It’s a shame, I was hoping for a third developer to confirm Pooja’s involvement, rather than have the first 2 change their minds.

Of course, even if they weren’t told to do this, there’s still the question as to how these apps are being approved. Broken snapped mode, no store logo, demo code, missing privacy policies, and the out right cloning. These should all be reasons to fail, and in fact are reasons apps have failed if you follow the complaints from other developers. Is there a special “this came from India, just let it in” policy? Do apps which have stolen clipart and logos drawn in MSPaint get fast tracked? Is the number of the apps in the store really that much more important than maintaining a standard of quality? Do Microsoft really want to be seen endorsing this kind of rubbish?


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