Another Cloned Memory Game

First up today we have a developer called Nikhila Divya who has submitted the same memory game to the store 28 times!

How do I find these developers? Have a browse and spot the icons which look like they’ve been made in MSPaint!

The game is fairly simple. You choose a level from 4 and are shown an image for 15 seconds. Then you have to answer questions about the picture to test your memory. The game is unfortunately littered with typos like ballons and Goofie. From the latter you might have guessed that it also uses images from Disney which I seriously doubt they have the rights to use.

The layout of the buttons changes sometimes. In some of the versions the instructions are hidden away on a second screen. None of the versions worked in snapped mode. Though they have taken the time to upload separate screenshots for each copy!

I contacted the developer asking why they had submitted the same game so many times and their response was – “very sorry sir. I have no intension of doing this. I was told to do so. I know this serves no purpose.” It seems the developer knows this is pointless but was just obeying instructions! I’m following up to find out if it’s the same person behind this as told Pavan and Kusuma!


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