The Rubbish

The first implementation of Tic Tac Toe which includes a computer player. Obviously that means a whole lot of tied games and not a lot of fun. Although somehow I did manage to win a couple of times, so there’s a fault with their logic somewhere!

For the game to be fun, it could do with a difficulty level. Small children will become very frustrated at losing all the time. Adults will tie basically every time. Or perhaps, implement a 2-player version as well, so that you can ‘practise’ against the computer and then play with a friend.

Amazingly, this game does work in snapped mode. It gets all squished out of proportion and looks silly, but it does actually work!

There are some typos in the game, including a ‘Policy Statement’ which I can only assume was supposed to be Privacy Statement as that needs including in most apps (although since this one doesn’t use the internet, it doesn’t need one at all!)

Failure Reasons

  • No app icon

Store Details

Games / Puzzle
Age rating: 7+
Developer: GeekLoganator


Ticky Tacky Toe is game which requires thinking and skills to challenge the intelligence of the computer. Although this game is simple, it is too fun and addictive. Have fun enjoying this nostalgic game


Challenging AI
Continuous hours of play



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