The Rubbish

In this game you are presented with an image and a text box. Apparently, you should be able to answer the question by typing in the box. However, I failed to even get past level 1 after many attempts. It is clearly looking for exact matches and given the terrible spelling in the instructions I imagine I needed to spell everything wrong! I mean, the name of the game is even misspelt!

There is a hint to try and help you along with your answer. The instructions suggest all the words you need will be in that hint. But I still couldn’t get past the first level. It seems a little crazy to expect users to be able to type the answer exactly for questions revolving around images. Particularly when English clearly isn’t the developers’ strongest language!

The game doesn’t just not work in snapped mode, on the menu screen you get the default scrolling list that appears in the basic app template!

Failure Reasons

  • No app icon
  • Does not work in snapped mode

Store Details

Games / Strategy
Age rating: 7+
Developer: Prateek Gajre


ILLUSONIST is cool brain teaser game, the user will be given set of Illusion with questions associated with it and hints for help, if the user answers correct then he will go next question. With every correct answer the user goes to next question and then the level of difficulty increases. Lets see how much Brain, Logic and concentration you can put to find solution for this finest set of illusions. Hints will provided to get the answer for the illusions.


different ILLUSIONS for the user to solve
Hint provided to help in getting the answers


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