The Rubbish

This game has two modes! Unfortunately, neither of them made any sense. Wheel of fortune just appeared to spin randomly and change numbers randomly and I have no idea what was supposed to happen. Lucky 7 I eventually worked out after deciphering the terribly written instructions – you have to place bets on whether the total of the spin numbers will be lower than 7, exactly 7, or higher than 7. Given the numbers were always pairs, I don’t think it could ever get to 7!

The UI is terrible – the tap areas on the buttons felt very wrong, it took quite a while to find the help, and there was no real feedback as to whether you won or lost. Amazingly, it didn’t crash when I entered letters in the bet boxes, but it wasn’t very happy about it either!

Failure Reasons

  • No app icon
  • Does not work in snapped mode

Store Details

Games / Arcade
Age rating: 12+
Developer: dharsha


This app checks your fortune with two games such as Lucky 7,Wheel of fortune,and the
other game checks your Eye concentration by catching the moving ball.


Fun giving game.
Increases Eye concentration.
Checks your Fortune.


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