Calling out Pavan Kumar

Today I found an even better example of the rubbish. One developer, Pavan Kumar, has submitted the same app 7 times to the store! Sure, they all have slightly different names (why is one masquerading as tic tac toe?!) and even slight differences (the menu screen has slight colour variations, and one app lets you replay level 5 if you fail whereas the others don’t), but they are the same.

As I’m not Pavan, I’m only going to write my review once, but you can assume it’s the same for all 7 apps!


The Rubbish

A simple memory match game. Strangely lets you tap cards whilst the images are still visible. Adds a timer element so if you’re too slow the bomb explodes and you have to repeat the level.

The UI is terrible – the buttons on the title screen get larger when you hover over them causing everything to bounce around. In game, the “Replay” button is often larger than the “New Level” button, and they change position each level. Your score is labelled “U’R SCORE” – seriously?! There is no consistency in the UI, each level moves everything about slightly for no good reason.

The game doesn’t maintain leaderboards or even a top score so there’s no replay value.

Oh, and did I mention, 7 of the same game?! That’s just ridiculous!

Failure Reasons

  • No app icon
  • Does not work in snapped mode
  • Cloned to the extreme!

Store Details

Games / Puzzle
Age rating: 3+
Developer: PavanKumar


Are you in search of a fun giving app ?then here is an app which provides you with what you want.It also keeps a check on your memory power and observation skill.
Process: You will be shown a number of similar images (based upon the levels) for a seconds and will disappear.You have to match the similarly looking images to diffuse the bomb.


fun giving game
tests your observation skill


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