Guess Your’s World

Guess Your's World

The Rubbish

The title of this app seems to vary greatly and neither is grammatically correct! The game involves identifying the flag and when you get it right, it shows you some information about the country.

One of the major problems with this game is the spelling! I only played a few levels and was given “Sewden” as a possible answer. If a game is supposed to be educational then it needs to be entirely free from spelling errors.

The UI is rather jumbled (the formatting of the data on the right varies randomly!) and there’s no sense of progress – it appears to just be stacking pages on top of one another forever! It doesn’t give any idea of where you are in the game to know if there’s actually an end.

Failure Reasons

  • No app icon
  • Does not work in snapped mode

Store Details

Games / Puzzle
Age rating: 3+


Test your knowledge of flags and countries . Do You know them all?

Try yourself!

” Guess Yours World ” Its really an Interactive & Interesting Game . In this game pictures of Different Flags , Places are displayed and the player has to choose from the options given below . As the player freezes / confirms its answer result is displayed as : CORRECT .

After Result Useful Summary of that respective country is displayed .
Summary Contains :- Capital , Per Capita Income , Largest City , Currency & Much More ..

This is Really an Interesting game ….

Just try yourself & Share yours result with yours Friends …
!!! Cheers … Play .. & .. Learn !!!”


Interesting & Interactive Design
You Can Play & Learn countries with their flags and capitals , Largest cities , Currency and Much More


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