The Rubbish

I can only assume this was their 13th attempt at making an application. A little sad it took so many tries to come up with a simple tic tac toe game! Particularly one with spelling errors (“Palyer X wins”) which runs in a tiny little area at the top left of the screen.

How does the store team first approve a developer whose name is apparently “Sports” then let them release a tic tac toe game called “App13” which fails on two basic points – app icon and snapped mode?

Failure Reasons

  • No app icon
  • Does not work in snapped mode

Store Details

Games / Kids
Age rating: 3+
Developer: Sports


Tic tac toe is a game of kids. Where we can play without any tools. It is two player game. we all now how the game will plays. It is game of simple and easy for everyone to play.


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